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    What to do if you are injured in a car wreck?
    A (1) Safety First!! Get medical evaluation as soon as possible to document any injuries related to the accident;(2) Call police – Be sure that police reports are made by local police agency at the scene;(3) Confirm insurance coverage of the party at fault;(4) If injured, contact an attorney for full legal evaluation to protect your rights to recovery for injuries and other losses such as property damage, medical costs and loss wages;(5) WE CAN HELP!!!
    Which parent gets custody of a child after a divorce?
    ALouisiana courts encourage joint or shared custody arrangements, where both parents share legal and physical custody of the child. But, if the court determines that joint custody or shared custody is not in the child’s best interests, it may award sole custody to one parent.
    What is a Succession?
    A A succession, or probate process in Louisiana involves transferring a deceased person’s property and debt to their heirs. In Louisiana, if there is no will, the law decides who will receive the deceased person’s property. Most estates, regardless of size, require a succession, even if the person has a valid will.
    How do I get a divorce in Louisiana?
    AThe divorce process in Louisiana starts when one spouse files a Petition for Divorce in the parish where one or both spouses reside. If minor children are involved, the spouses must be separated at least 365 days before a divorce can be granted. Spouses without minor children must be separated at least 180 days before a divorce can be be granted.
    Should I get a Will and Power of Attorney?
    AA will and power of attorney are both important estate planning documents. A will also know as a Last Will and Testament allows you to decide who gets your property after your death. Without a will, state law decides who gets your property.
    A Durable Power of Attorney allows a person you trust to manage your legal and financial affairs, and to make medical decisions if you’re unable to do so.


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